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Surgery and Rehabilitation in Oral Implantology (2nd Edition)

Who is it for?

This international course is indicated to dentists, oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons that want to improve their surgical skills and knowledge in the field of oral implantology and implant rehabilitation

  • Modality: Presential
  • ECTS/Certification:
    Specialist: 30
  • Duration:
    Start date: Nov 27, 2019
    End date: Sep 27, 2020

This presential course will develope advanced surgical skills of participants. Theoretical classess will be carried out. Moreover, live surgerys and several preclinical hands-on will be permormed by the students.

Main objective

Learn advanced techniques in oral implanvology such as grafts, full mouth rehabilitation or immediate loading in order to improve surgical skills and apply new concepts in daily clinical practice

  • Learn how to carry out an all-on-four and all-on-six protocol.
  • To learn the management of bone grafts.
  • To learn how and when to do a soft tissue graft.
  • Use of piezoelectric in oral implantology.
  • Complex cases: split crest, sinus lift procedures, etc.
  • Laser and its applications in oral implantology.
  • Preclinical hands on.
  • Live surgeries by the teachers.

Academic Direction

Academic Coordination

The course consists of 5 modules of 3 days of duration. 4 modules will be in India, and one of them will be in Spain.

Specialist is composed of 5 modules.

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Modality Presential

Total price: € 11,000

Enrollment: Enrollment period is open, (Fractioned Payment facilities), check conditions)

Information and enrollment

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+9193133 – 62516

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Surgery and Rehabilitation in Oral Implantology (2nd Edition)

This program includes presencial theoretical classes for the main techniques in oral implantology, such as sinus lift or grafting procedures. Moreover, hands-on will be carried out in each module, and live surgeries will be performed for improvement the learning of the techniques.

Advanced surgical cases will be discussed. The most current techniques in oral implantology will be exposed (laser, immediate loading, guided surgery, etc).

Moreover, how to perform implant-supported prostheses will be deeply explained

Module 1: Management of the anterior and regeneration procedures


27-30 november 2019

Programa teórico

 Introduction to the course
> – Significance of Gingival types
– Anterior Maxilla – Clinical anatomy and considerations
– Diagnosis and treatment planning in placing implants in anterior aesthetic zone
> – Full and Partial thickness flap
> – Soft tissue – Autografts and allografts
> – Implant papilla-  regeneration and importance
> – Augmentations of soft tissue
> – Connective tissue grafts and free gingival grafts – when and why
> – Fine tuning for aesthetic anterior implant restoration – single tooth to multiple implants
> – GBR – introduction, material and methods
– Guidelines for safe and simple GBR procedures
> – Ridge split – introduction, indications
> – Essentials of Dental Photography
– Case documentations and record maintenance

 Live surgeries
> – Connective tissue graft to enhance soft tissue aesthetics in anterior zone
> – implant uncovering, soft tissue management, Immediate provisionalisation
> – ridge split – posterior mandible

Hands-on exercise 
> – Full and partial thickness flap
> – Connective tissue graft
> – Free gingival graft
> – tunneling technique

Module 2: Sinus lift procedures


16-19 january 2020

Programa teórico

  Anatomy of the maxillary sinus
> – Patient selection and CT diagnosis(reading the Ct for sinus anomalies)
> – Flap design and suturing – creating a good healthy tissue for GBR
> – Osteotom Vs lateral sinus – when and why
> – Grafting protocols for sinus elevation
> – Indirect sinus lift procedure – techniques and methodology
– Lateral Window Approach – techniques and methodology
– Bone grafting materials and barrier membranes
– Sinus complications  – diagnosis and management

   Live Surgeries 
– Indirect sinus Lift
– Lateral window sinus elevation

   Hands-on exercise 
– Lateral window approach using bone cutting instruments
– Lateral window approach piezo surgery
– Indirect Sinus using CAS kit

Module 3: Full-mouth Rehabilitation


16-19 april 2020

Programa teórico

Understanding occlusion and TMJ dynamics
– All on 4/Tilted implants – when and why
– T-Scan
– Laser application in Implant dentistry
– soft tissue, Co2, hard tissue laser use
– Navigated Implant Surgery

Live Surgeries 
– All on 4 with immediate prosthesis – Teeth in a day
– Uncovering implants with laser
– demo of various lasers
– demo of T scan on patient

   Hands-on exercise
– tilted implant placement for all on 4
– immediate prosthesis for immediate loading

Module 4: Advanced techniques in oral implanvology


30 june - 5 july 2020

Programa teórico

– Sausage technique.

– Vertical augmentation procedures.

– Zygomatic implants.

– Inferior Alveolar Nerve transpositioning.

Module 5: Prosthodontics in implantology


24-27 september 2020

Programa teórico

Advanced Prosthodontics
– Cement Vs Screw retained restorations
– Single implant to multiple implant prosthesis
– Temporary restorations – success story in implant prosthodontics
– Various Restorative materias  – what to select and why
– PRF – indications and applications
– complications and failure management

    Live Surgeries 
– PRF demonstration

Hands-on exercise